Feedback from our Clients

This is a vital service for those who find themselves in the most unfortunate yet, nevertheless necessary position of requiring financial assistance from Work and Income NZ. There are many, such as myself, who have s deep sense of gratitude that this advocacy service remains available to those of us in the community who are at a time in their life when such a service is not only invaluable, but often times crucial for financial survival at a time when one's sense of self worth may well be highly in question and where stress levels as a result may well be "over the top".

~ Anonymous

Advocates have the in-depth knowledge, personality and interpersonal skills to be able to walk any given person through uncharted territory, to receive that to which they are entitled.

~ J. D.

Your calm, honest manner and your knowledge of facts and processes did so much to calm me in such a stressful time.

~ J. P.

As an uninitiated person, I was caught in an overpayment situation through ill advice from my case manager. I am sure I would not have had the perseverance to fight this situation without your wisdom and support. Your knowledge and calm approach helped me gain the confidence to keep going and we got the right result.

~ T. H.

Feedback from our Referral Agencies

They have an excellent reputation in the community and provide an important resource for those who have no other place to turn to for advice and assistance, and provide a most valuable service for low income people. It is not unusual for our clients to have issues regarding their benefits or accessing extra services which we cannot help them to resolve. The expertise of the staff at BAIS facilitates resolution where this is possible or support to the client to reach an understanding as to why their request has been refused.

~ Janferie Bryce-Chapman, Executive Office | Age Concern

As a representative of an client_name that works in a supportive partnership with BAIS, I cannot speak highly enough of the significant work undertaken by Pamela Apera in this venture.

~ John Murray, Superintendent | Methodist Mission Northern (LifeWise)

Glenfield BAIS provides an essential service in our community for people who are disadvantaged and need help with their correct benefit entitlements. It is important as they get good support and assistance with problems that have often been ongoing and they have been unable to get resolution to. Without this help many families would be disadvantaged.

~ Brian Pethybridge, Coordinator | North Shore Budget Services Inc.

This is a crucial service in our community which offers non-judgmental advice, support and advocacy services. We regularly refer clients through to BAIS who are unsure of what they are entitled to or are having difficulty understanding their benefits. We have noticed that clients have better outcomes when they are engaged with BAIS than those who are not.

~ Kaira Marsh, Manager | North Shore Women's Centre

BAIS offers a unique service that empowers and support some of the more vulnerable people in our community. Many mental health consumers access the service helping ensure their financial stability, this in turn then helps reduce stress for individuals and families allowed a better chance of recovery.

~ Lisa Ducat, North Shore Fieldworker | Supporting Families in Mental Illness

BAIS serves as a vital link for many people and families on the North Shore who often struggle financially and receive minimal financial support. The service offers support, advocacy and hope for people often in crisis. BAIS also serves as a point of information. Pam Apera has built up extensive knowledge of services operating on the North Shore.

~ Rebecca Harrington, Community Development Worker | Takapuna Methodist Parish

This service provides a genuine efficient practical and timely service to many people living on the North Shore who are struggling financially and who are unable to access their entitlements alone. We refer people to BAIS on a very regular basis, knowing they will receive honest reliable and extremely knowledgeable advice regarding their situation and an excellent advocate to work on their behalf when need be.

~ Delia M McKenna, Community Social Work Counselor | Waitemata District Health Board

Your service has built and maintained strong working relationships with local Work & Income service centre managers and staff. Anecdotal feedback from our mutual clients who have accessed the services of BAIS has been positive and complimentary.

~ Lynda Smardon, Area Manager | Work & Income NZ Auckland Region